Outside image of St. Margaret's from the view of Third St. with a tree on the left and beautiful clouds.

Girl's FNE

Girls' Federation of North-American Explorers

What is FNE?
It is a volunteer Catholic Christian faith-based movement. The FNE program experience can help to shape the character, social, environmental, spiritual, leadership aspects of your child's life into her adult life. This single gender program includes weekly gatherings, regular field trips, all season weekend camping opportunities and an annual summer camp.

The FNE deliver a Christ-centered program where each member strives to become an Ordinary-Saint through love, service, hard work, dedication, honest, integrity, compassion, courage and by embracing the Sacraments of the church. Through games, activities, retreats, physical endurance activities, problem solving, learning to work together, the FNE program delivers an exciting, challenging and dynamic Explorer program.


Our Girls' FNE contact is, Stephanie Jobin-Desroches 705-527-1421‚Äč