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Confirmation April 2021

Posted : Apr-09-2021

Good morning confirmation candidates and parents,

Yesterday afternoon, the Province of Ontario announced a “Stay-At-Home Order” to take effect throughout the province as of April 8 for a period of one month.

This announcement leaves many with mixed feelings. 

  • We will be able to continue with your confirmation as planned.  
  • However, we are seeing COVID-19 cases in the province increase dramatically with variants of concern surging.  
  • Please be aware that since our reopen in June of 2020 St. Margaret’s clergy, staff and volunteers  have and continue to do an exceptional job of cleaning, disinfecting pews and touch points as well as reminding those attending mass of the importance of proper mask wearing and social distancing.   

We want to let you know that we will continue with confirmation as planned for those of you who feel comfortable. If you wish to defer your confirmation to a later time this year, you may do so and you will not have to repeat the preparation program.   

The decision to be confirmed on the date we assigned you is completely yours to make.  We have reserved the church for confirmation ONLY on the next 3 Saturday mornings which means that the only people that will be in the body of the church will be the families you were assigned to be confirmed with.  Each family will still have 2 pews assigned to them for their immediate family and sponsor.

Please talk things over as a family and with your sponsor and his/her family.  

We ask that each of you respond to us by the Friday afternoon before your assigned Saturday to let us know if you wish to be confirmed or if you wish to defer until a later time this year  If you choose to be confirmed on the date assigned we would also ask that you provide us with a list of names and phone numbers of those who will be seated with you.  That way our staff will be able to ensure that only invited guests, candidates and families are in the church for the celebration.  We understand, respect and support whatever decision your family makes.  

In Christ,

Fr. Roselle and the St. Margaret’s Confirmation Team

 St Margaret’s Parish