St. Margaret's Cemetery in the summer with the sun beaming down onto a large crucifix and many graves.

St. Margaret's Cemetery History

St. Margaret’s Cemetery History

       St. Margaret’s Cemetery began as a gift of 10.8 acres in 1895 from Samuel Fraser, bachelor Reeve of the Village of Midland. The land extends from Yonge Street all the way to the shore of Little Lake. The oldest tombstone is dated 1900, but some people who had been buried in St. Anne’s Cemetery, were apparently moved to St. Margaret’s Cemetery. Unfortunately, not all of those people have tombstones to mark the location of their burial.

       Over the past 115 years, St. Margaret’s Cemetery has seen the burial of nearly 3900 parishioners. Currently about 40 people are buried each year. The “old” sections have about 880 plots and 1900 burials. The “new” portion has nearly 1900 plots and 1100 burials.

       Sadly, there are over 900 older burials in our records where the exact location is not known.

       A walk among the graves can be fascinating as you visualize life in those earlier days.

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