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Confirmation Preparation

Good morning confirmation candidates and parents,

Yesterday afternoon, the Province of Ontario announced a “Stay-At-Home Order” to take effect throughout the province as of April 8 for a period of one month.

This announcement leaves many with mixed feelings. 

  • We will be able to continue with your confirmation as planned.  
  • However, we are seeing COVID-19 cases in the province increase dramatically with variants of concern surging.  
  • Please be aware that since our reopen in June of 2020 St. Margaret’s clergy, staff and volunteers  have and continue to do an exceptional job of cleaning, disinfecting pews and touch points as well as reminding those attending mass of the importance of proper mask wearing and social distancing.   

We want to let you know that we will continue with confirmation as planned for those of you who feel comfortable. If you wish to defer your confirmation to a later time this year, you may do so and you will not have to repeat the preparation program.   

The decision to be confirmed on the date we assigned you is completely yours to make.  We have reserved the church for confirmation ONLY on the next 3 Saturday mornings which means that the only people that will be in the body of the church will be the families you were assigned to be confirmed with.  Each family will still have 2 pews assigned to them for their immediate family and sponsor.

Please talk things over as a family and with your sponsor and his/her family.  

We ask that each of you respond to us by the Friday afternoon before your assigned Saturday to let us know if you wish to be confirmed or if you wish to defer until a later time this year  If you choose to be confirmed on the date assigned we would also ask that you provide us with a list of names and phone numbers of those who will be seated with you.  That way our staff will be able to ensure that only invited guests, candidates and families are in the church for the celebration.  We understand, respect and support whatever decision your family makes.  

In Christ,

Fr. Roselle and the St. Margaret’s Confirmation Team

 St Margaret’s Parish





To all grade seven and eight students who attend St. Margaret Church and their parents


Congratulations students, you are receiving this letter as you or maybe your parents are thinking that is time for you to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Students, the decision is yours to make, it is time to decide if you are ready to receive this final sacrament of initiation into our Catholic faith. 


Parents, as you know, we take a Home-School-Parish approach to Sacramental Preparation.  

Since cooperation among parents, parish and school is essential in sacramental preparation and celebrations, the details of the preparation programs are shared and communicated to all.  


Parents, you are your child's first and most important educator.  When it comes to passing on your faith, the role of the school and the parish is to support the teachings learned and lived at home. 

At home, you teach your child values such as love, respect, honesty, and forgiveness. You encourage faith practices such as grace before meals, family/individual prayer, and regular participation in mass.  Through your actions, you model these values and faith practices in your daily life.


This year Confirmation will be celebrated on:   

Saturday April 10, 2021 or Saturday April 17, 2021

Sacramental Preparation

Sacraments, are first and foremost, acts of Jesus, in union with the members of His body, the Church.  The Church, therefore, is responsible for determining the specifics of sacramental preparation and celebration.  There are two types of preparation for sacraments: initial and immediate.


In most cases initial preparation is assisted by our Catholic schools and is one where the school encourages:

  • the Daily living of a Catholic lifestyle appropriate to one's age and spiritual development
  • where teachers and staff witness to the children, by word and example, the meaning of Christian discipleship
  • where teachers and staff emphasize and encourage children and parents the importance of Sunday Eucharist and its connection to the sacraments

The immediate preparation is done by the parish and encompasses: 

  • Sunday worship and encouraging families' involvement in parish life 
  • Developing a specific sacramental catechesis on the sacrament being anticipated – this year we are using an excellent program called Decision Points by Matthew Kelly. 
  • Unlike initial preparation, the immediate preparation of the candidates for Confirmation is the responsibility of the parents and the parish where the family regularly worship together 

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Sacramental Preparation


We are still in the midst of a pandemic. The pandemic is changing the way we live, even the practice of our faith. Some of the new norms around the parish are social distancing in and around the church, mandatory face mask or covering while in or around the church, admission to daily and Sunday mass is first come first serve basis, and holy communion is by hand only at this time. The staff, clergy and volunteers at St. Margaret's do our best to ensure that parishioners are able to come to church and worship safely. We have rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place before all masses and services. We do recognize that there are still some people who are not yet comfortable being back in church and we respect if you choose to delay confirmation for this reason.  


Confirmation Sponsor Selection: 

Read the attached Confirmation Sponsor Form to be sure of the sponsor requirements before you ask someone to be your sponsor.

  • Email, or print and give the Sponsor Form to the person you want to be your sponsor
  • If they are a suitable candidate your Sponsor will complete their portion of the form and then email (stmargarets@rogers.com), mail or drop off at St. Margaret's parish office the completed form along with a recent copy of their Baptismal, Confirmation and Marriage (if applicable) certificates. If your sponsor does not have a copy of their long-form baptismal certificate (which include all three certificates), please have them contact and request a copy from the church where they were Baptised. 
  • Sponsor forms are due at St. Margaret's Parish Office by January 12, 2021 

Confirmation Sponsor Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age by the time of the Confirmation ceremony
  • If married, sponsors must have received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, i.e. validly married in a Catholic church
  • Must be confirmed and practicing their faith in any Roman Catholic parish
  • Sponsors cannot be parents or grandparents
  • Sponsors cannot be from other Christian denominations nor can they be Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist

Young people, the decision to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation is yours to make with the help of your parents.  Parents your role is to support and encourage your young person in taking on the responsibility.  


The Sacrament of Confirmation is for all those wanting to reaffirm their Baptismal vows and who are ready to make a public commitment to their faith.  So, students and parents you should take some time to think seriously about this decision, talk it over and decide if you are ready.  Some of you may choose not to be Confirmed at this time, but rather wait to be Confirmed when in High School or later as an adult. Our prayer is that you will say YES to living a deeper relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and you will enrol to be Confirmed this year.  

Grace and Peace.  

Yours in Christ,


Rev. Fr. Roselle R. Azares



Important Dates for Confirmation 2020-21.pdf

Confirmation Sponsor Letter St. Margaret's 2020-21.pdf


A Bishop confirming a young women with a deacon to his left and a female sponsor behind the confirmandi.
Confirmation Registration

If you are interested in having your child receive Confirmation, please fill out both forms below and email to stmargarets@rogers.com or return in person to the Parish Office.

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